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Spoon Sports USA/GoTuning Civic FD Time Attack Rebuild Pt II

Back from paint - the progress continues

Nov 2, 2016

In part I of the Spoon FD rebuild, we gave you a look at the Eimer Engineering fabrication that included a complex roll cage and wild center-seat conversion along with some info on the build and the direction that GoTuning was taking for 2016's Super Lap Battle. Since that point, Eimer completed the custom steering column and and seat brackets prior to the car being sent off for a complete interior and engine bay re-spray.

GoTuning's Aaron Wang explained the focus of the build and how they got to this point, so in this installment we'll show you some of the progress that's taken place in anticipation of the engine and transmission being reinstalled in time to get the car back up and running for shakedown testing.

  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Eimer Cage
  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Roll Cage
  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Cage Gusset

A fresh slathering of white paint finishes off the Eimer Engineering roll cage-dominated cabin.

  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Center Seat Conversion
  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Momo Seat

With their sights set on defending their title, GoTuning went to great lengths to take the Spoon FD to a new, more competitive level. Experimental, forward thinking with just a touch of crazy, their results will undoubtedly be one of the most highly anticipated in SLB history.

  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Custom Steering
  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Eimer Adjustable Steering Column

A custom adjustable steering column integrated into the roll cage is used to line up with the center-seat design and allow for fine-tuning in order to suit various drivers.

  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Exhaust Tunnel
  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Exhaust Path

With a new Full Race turbo manifold, the exhaust can be routed through the passenger side fender. Here you can see the raw form, later painted, along with the rest of the bay and cabin, and layered with heat barrier.

  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Motec Wire Harness
  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Motec M800 Ems

The brains behind the Civic FD

  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Empty Bay

A look at the Civic's bay post paint and after a new layer of heat barrier along the firewall. At this point it's ready to receive the turbocharged K and Gear-X transmission with OS Giken LSD.

  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Steering Column
  |   Spoon Sports Usa Gotuning Civic Fd Custom Steering

Just below the fully completed steering column, the PE Racing pedal box is properly mounted and the floor board hole that you saw in the previous installment has been eliminated entirely.

Next up, the turbocharged mill makes its way back home, the ancillary parts are added, and we get a better idea of how this will all come together with the new turbo manifold and exhaust escape set up. Also, the crew gets the car back on the ground and the testing begins.

By Rodrez
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