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Buyer's Guide: Engine Tuning/Monitoring & Fuel System

pbskids Staff
Aug 20, 2017

Infinity ECU

  |   Engine Tuning Monitoring Fuel System Upgrades AEM Infinity ECU

The Infinity ECU delivers Motorsports standalone engine control on a Sportsman budget, with included features like boost, nitrous, launch and traction control, variable cam timing control, Drive-by-Wire, knock control, multiple engine protection strategies, map switching, flex fuel and blended fuel, data logging and more! Plug & Play adapter harnesses are available for BMW, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and more!
MSRP: $1,400-$2,400

AEM E85 Fuel Pump

  |   Engine Tuning Monitoring Fuel System Upgrades AEM E85 Fuel Pump

Every AEM E85 High Flow In Tank Fuel Pump is individually tested to flow 340lph @ 40PSI. They are compatible with E100 ethanol, M100 methanol and all gasolines. Multiple inlet types are available to fit popular sport compacts as direct-fit replacements; with long and short body styles available for applications with tight fitments. Instructions, harness, pre-filter and O-rings included.
MSRP: $122.99

X-Series Wideband

  |   Engine Tuning Monitoring Fuel System Upgrades AEM X Series Wideband

X-Series Widebands feature patented digital technology that makes them the fastest responding widebands in independent testing. Faster response time can provide for better tuning because the X-Series is able to "see" AFR changes that other controllers may miss. 52mm gauge with complete hardware and wideband sensor included, reads AFR, Lambda or O2% and can display in 3 or 4 digits.
MSRP: $196.95

CD-7 Dash

  |   Engine Tuning Monitoring Fuel System Upgrades AEM CD7 Dash

AEM's CD-7 is a daylight readable, fully customizable 7" dash with free DashDesign software. Available in logging and non-logging, with seven programmable pages, seven RPM shift LEDs, dedicated on-screen warning area and page, and two large buttons for changing pages/clearing memory. It accepts data from 2 CAN bus inputs from AEM ECUs and over 117 3rd party ECUs and loggers!
MSRP: $1,299-1,999.00

Golden Eagle Billet B-Series Fuel Rail

  |   Engine Tuning Monitoring Fuel System Upgrades Golden Eagle B Series Fuel Rails

Golden Eagle billet fuel rails are precision CNC machined from 6061T6 billet aluminum. They feature 11/16 (.6875)-inch fuel bore for maximum fuel delivery on street or full race alcohol burning engines. 8AN O-ring (Boss) ports provide huge flow capability, and these rails allow use of the stock fuel pressure regulator. Each utilizes two (2) 1/8 NPT (pipe) ports for fuel pressure gauge or fuel pressure sending unit and comes with two (2) 1/8 NPT plugs and stock Banjo fitting adapter and plug for bolt-on applications. Golden Eagle billet fuel rails are for any Acura Integra or Honda Civic B-Series engine.
MSRP: $138.95

Greddy Fuel Rail

  |   Engine Tuning Monitoring Fuel System Upgrades Greddy R35 Fuel Rail

GReddy's billet, R35-specific Fuel Delivery Tube set increases fuel flow capacity by centering the fuel feed over the injectors and increasing the diameter to 14mm. -8AN fittings allow for use with factory fuel regulator or upgraded systems. The balance fuel-safe hose is upgraded to 10mm and the unique mounting bracket allows for a large selection of fuel injector heights. This upgrade is a must for high horsepower VR38DETTs.

By pbskids Staff
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