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 |   |  Rocket Bunny 2015 Lexus RC F Sport
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Rocket Bunny 2015 Lexus RC F Sport

This Lexus RC feels so right, it can’t be wrong

Apr 8, 2015

Just when you thought you were sick and tired of all things Rocket Bunny, you step foot into the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center and see this brand-spankin'-new RC in the Lexus booth. Your jaw drops, mouth drools, eyes open wide, and you might even get a little aroused as this one and only Rocket Bunny RC F Sport sweeps you off your feet. Its lines are perfect, color endearing, and stance electrifying... In our opinion, this Lexus coupe was easily the sexiest car at SEMA-not sexy in the sense that it'll get you zero to 100 real quick, but so sexy that your girlfriend will stop texting you back and leave you for this supermodel on wheels.

Rocket Bunny All The Things - SEMA 2014 Photos

  |   No stretch here! These 19x12” Enkeis are rockin’ 325-series Toyos out back!

The man behind the car is none other than our good friend Gordon Ting. His name should sound familiar to you because it was his Lexus "IS 340" that we pummeled through Gumball 3000 last year-an 800hp 2JZ-powered beast that took us from South Beach Miami to Manhattan in two days. This year, he's moved on to Lexus' latest coupe, the RC F Sport. This RC build takes on a different approach compared to the IS-not built to break necks with violent acceleration but designed to break necks with its drop-dead-gorgeous looks.

  |   No slug, the RC comes with a 306hp 3.5L V-6. GReddy developed a prototype intake and exhaust for SEMA, but expect production pieces soon.

The foundation of the car is an already sporty F Sport model of the RC that's been updated by the beautiful mind of TRA Kyoto's Kei Miura. From the over fenders, curvaceous front lip, sleek canards, low-slung side skirts, and duck bill spoiler to the rear diffuser, the aggressive aero flows with the factory lines of the car like a perfect marriage and transforms the RC like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. For a perfect fit and finish, Miura-san made a special trip to California to take all the necessary measurements before the parts were made in his hometown of Kyoto. Once the finished body kit was delivered to the U.S., Mike Vu of MV Designz handled the paint and installation. As you can tell, there are no flaws in Miura-san's design and Mike Vu's work, making this Lexus as flawless as can be.

  |   Rocket Bunny 2015 Lexus RC F Sport

The exterior was only half the equation to the vehicle's perfection, though-the boys at GReddy handled the chassis. They installed KW V3 coilovers with the addition of their hydraulic lift system (HLS). If you haven't heard about HLS, it's the best thing you could ever want for a daily driver. A hydraulic cylinder is located on the coilover body, which allows you to raise up the suspension to help get over speed bumps and high curbs. There isn't any compression of the extended cylinder, so there's no unwanted suspension movement, and the driving characteristics of the V3 remain in tact.

As for the wheels, they're custom-made from Enkei, Japan. Originally introduced by Miura-san on the Toyota 86, these 6666 TRA Kyoto-designed wheels are making a big impact here in the States-we saw a handful of sets at SEMA. These particular 19-inch rollers are extra meaty to fill the Rocket Bunny kit measuring 10.5 inches wide up front and 12 inches wide out back. Behind the mesh are monstrous Brembo brakes that were newly developed for this RC.

  |   Rocket Bunny 2015 Lexus RC F Sport

The car was barely available for sale at the time of SEMA, so the rest of the chassis, exterior, and interior remain unchanged, albeit a set of Bride's new premium edirb recliners and rear seats reupholstered to match.

Whether it's because this car is the new Lexus RC, sports a fresh Rocket Bunny kit, or because it was built by a seasoned veteran, one thing is still for sure... This Lexus is undeniably one of the hottest car of SEMA '14. Ladies, please get in line.

  |   Bride’s line of premium edirb seats belong in a Lexus!
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Rocket Bunny 2015 Lexus RC F Sport
Tuning Menu
Owner: Gordon Ting
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Beyond Marketing
Engine: GReddy Prototype Supreme SP exhaust system and intake; Motul oil
Footwork & Chassis: KW V3 coilovers with HLS 4 lift system
Brakes: 380x32mm front, 345x28mm rear Brembo type III two-piece discs with six-piston front, four-piston rear monoblock calipers, upgraded pads
Wheels & Tires: 19x10.5" front, 19x12" rear custom Enkei 6666 wheels designed by TRA Kyoto; 265/30R19 front, 325/30R19 rear Toyo R888 tires
Exterior: Rocket Bunny widebody kit (duh!)
Interior: BRIDE edirb 023 carbon-fiber seats with matching reupholstered rear seats; Takata USA DRIFT II black harnesses
Thanks You: Brembo, Bride, GReddy, KW Suspension, Motul, MV Designz, Rocket Bunny, Toyo Tires



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