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New Lego Volkswagen Beetle Set is 1,167 Bricks Worth of Chill

The perfect gift for the Lego-obsessed gearhead in your family

Conner Golden
Jun 14, 2016

Lego Technic has been upping its car game of late, recently launching an . Now, it looks like we have to make some more desk space, as Lego just revealed a painfully cool and wonderfully retro 1960s Volkswagen Beetle Creator set.

Like the previous automotive-themed Creator sets, including a 1960s Volkswagen Van, , , and Ferrari F40, the new Beetle set comes chock-full of all sorts of gloriously minute details. Lift up the front hood, and you will find a partial-size spare tire, nestled right beneath the fuel tank. Lift the rear engine hatch, and you are greeted by a faithful recreation of the air-cooled flat-four engine, rendered accurately down to the red distributor cap and camshaft pulley. Inside, the Beetle features folding rear seats, a small gauge cluster, and a tiny gear shifter.

  |   Lego Creator Expert 1960s Volkswagen Beetle 02

Continue looking at the model from front to back bumper, and even smaller details come to light. Becausethis is a 1960s VW, the model incorporates gleeful nods to itscontemporary beach culture, including clever surf stickers on the rear window, a surf board, beach towel, and picnic cooler for when the plastic beach bums get the munchies.

As you might suspect, all of this detail means there are a lot of parts to combine. A total of 1,167 bricks, to be exact. Being Lego, all of this plastic air-cooled glory won't come cheap, with the MSRP pegged at a cool $99.99.

  |   Lego Creator Expert 1960s Volkswagen Beetle 04

If you are like us, then you're already saving your lunch money and clearing prime desk real estate. The Lego Volkswagen Beetle Creator set goes on sale directly from Lego's website on August 1.

Source: Lego

  |   New Lego Volkswagen Beetle Set is 1,167 Bricks Worth of Chill
  |   New Lego Volkswagen Beetle Set is 1,167 Bricks Worth of Chill
By Conner Golden
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