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McLaren 570S Spider Track Pack Loses 73 Pounds

More carbon fiber, less weight

Collin WoodardApr 2, 2018

Considering how impressive is, we shouldn't have been surprised when the convertible version turned out to be so enjoyable to drive. , the 570S Spider is less a convertible without compromise and more a sports car that happens to also be a convertible. Today, McLaren sweetened the deal even further, announcing a new Track Pack for its open-top supercar.

  |   McLaren 570S Spider Track Pack Loses 73 Pounds

Like the one you can , the Track Pack uses lighter wheels and lots of carbon fiber to reduce the Spider's weight. It includes carbon-fiber racing seats, a new artificial suede-wrapped steering wheel, a carbon fiber trim package, and new 10-spoke alloy wheels. The seats alone are nearly 29 pounds lighter than before, while the wheels weigh a full 33 pounds less. With less unsprung weight and rotating mass, expect the new wheels to improve driving dynamics, as well.

The Track Pack also includes a lighter sports exhaust that McLaren claims is both lighter and louder than before. Finally, McLaren's Track Telemetry system is also added, allowing owners to record and analyze performance data.

  |   McLaren 570S Spider Track Pack Loses 73 Pounds

"The 570S Spider has already gained a reputation as an extremely accomplished luxury sportscar that is hugely enjoyable to drive on a circuit," said Jolyon Nash, McLaren's head of marketing, in a statement. "This new Track Pack brings together in one package design features, specification and popular practical options desirable for track use, further increasing choice for Spider buyers and at the same time offering them even better value."

  |   McLaren 570S Spider Track Pack Loses 73 Pounds

What constitutes "better value," however, isn't entirely clear. McLaren has only announced U.K. pricing, and at current exchange rates, 17,160 works out to about $24,000. That's about $925 ( 660) more than the cost of the Track Pack on the 570S hardtop. Then again, if you're spending more than $200,000 to buy a convertible supercar, the exact cost of the Track Pack probably isn't all that important.

Source: McLaren

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