A new Fiat will go on sale in the United States. It’s a five-door hatch version of the three-door 500 subcompact and it will be called the Fiat 500L. It’s longer than the regular 500 by about 22 inches and may also be available with four-wheel drive, which could make the Fiat brand seem a little more tempting to snowbelt dwellers. Based on the same platform as the Alfa Romeo MiTo, the 500L will probably get the usual 101-hp, 1.4-liter four, although there’s also the chance it might be offered with Fiat’s award-winning TwinAir turbo two-cylinder engine, which makes 85 hp. European buyers will also have a diesel option and that might be an interesting idea for the United States. Production begins in the summer, so expect the 500L to go on sale later in the year.