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034Motorsports Audi A4 Pikes Peak Test Run - Web Exclusive

This is the first year the entire run up the mountain is completely paved.

Greg EmmersonJun 18, 2012
  |   034Motorsports Audi A4 Pikes Peak Test Run - Web Exclusive

Our friends at 034Motorsport were invited to run their time attack Audi A4 up stage 1 of the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Historically changing the dynamics of the race forever. This is the first year the entire run up the mountain is completely paved. Providing companies like 034Motorsport the opportunity to test their time attack vehicles up the world famous course. 034Motorsport’s Audi is pushing up the hill in its stroked turbo 2.0L engine expelling 600hp at all four corners on Hankook C91 tires. “We aren’t a rally company, so with the run being paved it gives our team a new challenge to test our products and our will on such an amazing course.” –Javad Shadzi President of 034Motorsport.

“We ran great all day Saturday with our new driver Rob Holland, it was actually his first time on the course and in the car. Rob was getting faster by 5-10 seconds each run he took.” Said Javad Shadzi. Rob Holland, a 10-year veteran of the SCCA World Challenge, ed 034 Motorsports after realizing their more than capable Audi and team could help realize the never-ending pursuit of a potential 10 minuet run up the hill.

2018 Audi A4
$36,000 Base Model (MSRP)
27/37 MPG Fuel Economy

The 034Motorsport Audi A4 was fastest in its class by the end of Saturday running 5 seconds ahead of the entire field. Unfortunately with great power come great responsibility and the gearbox had just about all it could handle after day one. A straight cut “Dog Box” transmission is in the works to muscle the A4 up the mountain.

After speaking with Javad he discussed some goals the team had for the main event approaching July 8th, 2012. “Being about 1,000 miles from everything all you can hope for is making sure the car gets home in one piece and say you finished the race.” –Javad Shadzi.


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