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Evasive Motorsports' Civic Type R #SEMA17

Let the CTR parts development begin!

Nov 1, 2017

When the 10th generation Civic debuted and brought with it the first Honda Type R to be made available on U.S. soil, fans were understandably ecstatic. When that same CTR mustered a blistering, FWD record-setting pace on the Nurburgring, even the anti-Honda movement couldn't help but take notice. But that was then, and this is now, and in our market what's happening now will typically overshadow just about anything positive that's happened in the past. Some have soured on the CTR based on the inflated pricing dealers have served up, while others have seen little to no aftermarket support for a car many thought would be buried in upgrade options. Factor those into the mix and that lightning quick lap time doesn't shine quite as bright.

  |   Evasive Motorsports Civic Type R Advan GT Wheel

Let's face it, less than one percent of us are ever going to spend an afternoon blasting through the 'Ring, and even fewer than that are going to come within an arms reach of that lap time. Nevertheless, Honda's golden child is no doubt highly capable, even in stock form. Match that above-average vehicle with an advanced tuning shop, like Evasive Motorsports, for example, and things start to happen. At this year's SEMA event, perched a couple feet above the show floor in the Maxxis Tire booth, rests the Evasive CTR, complete with a number of products they've developed under their EVS Tuning banner.

2018 Honda Civic
$18,940 Base Model (MSRP) 28/40 MPG Fuel Economy
  |   Evasive Motorsports Civic Type R EVS Tuning Front Splitter

Up front, the EVS touch is applied with a carbon-fiber front spoiler, splitter, grill, and hood vents that give the hatchback's front end a much more purposeful look with an aggressive touch. EVS carbon fiber continues into the side skirts and side vents, and carries into the rear diffuser and wing. The sides have also been fitted with Evasive's carbon-fiber prototype GT mirrors and backing plates.

With a new attitude comes a need for upgraded rollers and Evasive chose a set of staggered 18-inch Advan GT wrapped in Maxxis VR-1 stickies. A set of Eibach Pro Kit springs help eliminate any gap caused by the 2-inch reduction in rolling stock compared to the OEM wheels. In order to dial the suspension in properly, an Eibach rear camber kit, adjustable rear sway bar, and EVS Tuning prototype front camber plates were also included.

  |   Evasive Motorsports Civic Type R Greddy Exhaust

If you know anything about Evasive Motorsports, you know that they're in search of a proper balance for maximum performance rather than chasing power numbers and this build is no different. The only real power upgrade is a GReddy prototype exhaust. In order to increase efficiency and reliability, GReddy was also called upon for their intercooler upgrade and an oil cooler kit.

  |   Evasive Motorsports Civic Type R EVS Tuning Front Splitter

As sporty as the CTR's interior is from the factory, Evasive chose to yank the OEM seats in favor of Recaro Pole Positions that offer the driver increased holding power and shed some weight. Further interior development continued with an EVS Tuning 4-point roll bar and harness bar, rear seat delete, and titanium teardrop shift knob.

It's no secret that the aftermarket parts being offered for Honda's latest Type R have been few and far between. Fortunately, with tuning firms like Evasive Motorsports, the parts development is in fact underway and we look forward to seeing what happens with its car over the next year.

  |   Evasive Motorsports Civic Type R Advan GT Wheels


Evasive Motorsports
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
By Rodrez
656 Articles
Evasive Motorsports' Civic Type R #SEMA17
Engine: GReddy intercooler, GReddy oil cooler, GReddy prototype exhaust
Suspension: Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs, Eibach rear camber kit, Eibach rear adjustable sway bar, EVS Tuning prototype front camber plate
Wheels & Tires: Advan GT 18x10.5 18x9.5, Maxxis VR-1 265/35/18 245/40/18
Brakes: Project Mu Club Racer brake pads, Project Mu racing brake fluid
Exterior: EVS Tuning carbon front spoiler, EVS Tuning carbon front splitter, EVS Tuning carbon front grill, EVS Tuning carbon side vent, EVS Tuning carbon side skirt, EVS Tuning carbon side splitter, EVS Tuning carbon rear diffuser, EVS Tuning carbon rear wing, Evasive Motorsports prototype vented hood, Evasive Motorsports Prototype GT mirrors
Interior: Recaro Pole Position seats Jersey Red, Scroth Clubman 6-point harness, EVS Tuning 4-point roll bar w/harness bar, EVS Tuning carbon rear seat delete, EVS Tuning titanium teardrop shift knob, GReddy Infometer



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