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 |   |  1993 Honda Civic Si & 1994 Honda Del Sol - Honda Bond
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1993 Honda Civic Si & 1994 Honda Del Sol - Honda Bond

Two builds created on the foundation of friendship

Joey Lee
Dec 26, 2013
Photographer: Cuong Phan

The camaraderie that exists among Honda enthusiasts is what makes this community so great. Our ability to communicate and share ideas with one another has helped push the boundaries of Honda modification to unprecedented heights. Of course the advent of the Internet has certainly reshaped the landscape of our subculture for better or worse, but it is our willingness to share that information that is key. If we all remained secretive and kept our ideas to ourselves, our closely-knit community would be stagnant and unimaginative. We've been able to thrive thanks to our eagerness to support one another.

There are a variety of ways to help your fellow motor head, but nothing beats that ageless method of just standing by one's side and wrenching together. Countless memories and great bonds form as a result of this simple task, with a vehicle build coming almost as an afterthought. Brad Urbas and Jordan Twigg know all about the solidarity that comes from sharing a love for Hondas; they both possess their own unique builds but both have come as a result of their kinship.

  |   1993 Honda Civic Si & 1994 Honda Del Sol - Honda Bond

Brad is no stranger to Hondas. He credits another friend of his, Josh Minnick, for introducing him to the brand, and in the 10-year span in which he's been tinkering with them he's owned a total of 12 different Hondas. How he came to own the current '93 Si you see here is an interesting tale in and of itself. As Urbas explains, "I first spotted this Civic back in 2004 at a local college parking lot. A kid named Zack owned it and he had just moved into town. It was one of the cleanest I had ever seen back then and I later got to know Zack. Several years later, he ended up selling the car to my friend Josh, who was the same guy that first got me into Hondas. I had an S2000 at the time and was looking for a daily commuter. By the time Josh had it, the car had gone downhill. It was rusty and the paint had faded drastically. Josh's dad even used it as a winter car for a year before I bought it off of him for $2500. It's crazy because I used to drool over this car back then, not knowing at all that it would later be mine," Urbas states.

He immediately began to tear the car down and used his self-taught autobody skills to re-invent the Civic. He massaged the shell back to its former greatness before re-spraying it in a dark silver metallic finish from the BMW paint book. Being that he had already owned so many other Civics and Integras in the past, he had already developed a nice collection of parts over time. He even went through a few different motor swaps before deciding on a JDM B18C Type R.

His build came together pretty quickly thanks to the assistance of his best friend Jordan Twigg. Jordan was responsible for shaving and wire-tucking the engine bay of the Civic while Urbas spent time working on Twigg's 1994 del Sol VTEC. "That's just how we are," Twigg explains. "We are always helping and pushing each other with every new build. Brad also painted the engine bay on my old K20-swapped Civic. I loved that car, but I had to sell it to get a family SUV since I was expecting the birth of my daughter. I needed something simpler so I came to the decision to try and build a del Sol. I bought it from an old lady for $1400 off of Craigslist. She had no idea what she had so I actually asked her to text me a photo of the engine bay so that I could positively identify if it was an EG2 VTEC model. Sure enough it was and I leaped at the opportunity. The only bad thing about it was that it was wrecked. I had to tear the whole car down completely; engine, sub-frame, interior, and all so I could build from the ground-up. Brad was good with autobody repair so he helped me straighten the chassis out before we painted the del Sol in Audi's Nimbus Grey tone."

  |   1993 Honda Civic Si & 1994 Honda Del Sol - Honda Bond

Jordan's previous three Honda builds consisted mostly of going fast, but since he was a full-fledged family man now, he wanted his next Honda to have a simpler, more street-friendly approach. With the del Sol, he aimed to create a Japanese FEEL's Twincam-themed cruiser with factory B16A3 motor intact. He hasn't ruled out the possibility of doing another K-swap with Brad, but claims that he'd rather spend his money on authentic aesthetic components this time around in favor of "just going fast." That's why you're likely to find more JDM OEM CR-X del Sol body add-ons and FEEL's dress-up items on his EG2 than any significant power-adders.

"He doesn't really care too much about being fast these days but I remember when he used to be a big V8 guy that absolutely hated imports!" Brad proclaims. "One evening back in 2005 he was taunting me in a friend's supercharged Pontiac GTP. I got tired of them badgering me so I raced them in my GS-R swapped Civic and pulled away from them by at least seven cars!"

  |   1994 Honda Del Sol VTEC Sparco R 325 Steering Wheel 11

Jordan laughs, "I was shocked! He had to explain to me that he wasn't running anything out of the ordinary because I didn't know anything about Hondas. I thought he was running some alcohol-injected, high-compression motor or something. I then realized the potential that Hondas had and the rest is history; I built a turbocharged (Civic) coupe after, a K-swapped Civic, and now this del Sol."

"We still laugh about it today but there is a good chance that he'd still be driving a muscle car around if I hadn't raced him that night," Urbas iterates. "Good thing I did because we've been building our cars together [for the last 9 years] ever since."

  |   1993 Honda Civic Si 1994 Honda Del Sol Brad Urbas Jordan Twiggs 10

Brad Urbas' '93 Civic Si

  |   1993 Honda Civic Si JDM Thin Side Moldings 02

Bolts & Washers

Hasport engine mounts
SRP pistons
JE piston rings
Eagle H-beam connecting rods
Walter Yoder and Sons' custom intake piping
Blox Racing velocity stack
PLM V2 exhaust manifold
APEX'i World Sport 2 exhaust
Contend Garage test pipe
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Earl's fuel filter
Earl's -6AN fuel lines & fittings
Blackworks aluminum radiator
JDM S80 transmission
4.9 final drive
Exedy Stage 1 clutch

  |   1993 Honda Civic Si & 1994 Honda Del Sol - Honda Bond

TEIN Basic coilovers
ASR subframe brace
ASR sway bar
ASR spherical endlinks
BackYard Special rear shock tower bar

Fastbrakes slotted brake rotors
Spoon Sports Monoblock front brake calipers
Steel-braided brake lines

Wheels And Tires
16x7 +40 5Zigen FN01RC
195/40-16 Nitto Neo-Gen

PPG BMW Dark Grey Metallic
BackYard Special front lip
BackYard Special carbon rear duckbill spoiler
Custom shaved engine bay painted Battleship Grey
Custom brake line tuck
JDM EG6 headlights
JDM EG6 sidemarkers
JDM thin side moldings

Autopower roll bar painted White Chocolate Pearl
JDM EG6 instrument cluster
Bride Zeta III seats
Takata 310MPH safety harnesses
Nardi 350mm steering wheel
Mugen pedal set
ARC titanium shift knob
OEM Integra GSR rear seats

My wife and Coco for putting up with all the late nights
Jordan and Sarah Twigg
David Kirby
Seth Toner aka "The Mad Scientist"
John Yoder
Cuong Phan
All my supporters along the way.

  |   1993 Honda Civic Si & 1994 Honda Del Sol - Honda Bond

Owner Specs

Daily Grind
Self-employed paint contractor

Favorite Site

Screen Name

Building Hondas
10 years

Dream Car
Acura NSX

Inspiration For This Build
To build a quality car that I could take for a rip on the mountainous twisty roads of Western Maryland

Future Build
Wherever life leads me to the next build

Jordan Twigg's '94 Del Sol VTEC

  |   1994 Honda Del Sol VTEC OEM EM1 Civic Si Front Lip 08

Bolts & Washers

FEEL's intake
FEEL's oil cap
FEEL's radiator cap
2.5-inch exhaust piping
Magnaflow muffler
Custom test pipe
Earl's inline fuel filter
Fragola -6AN braided fuel lines
Fragola -6AN fuel fittings
Custom Gloss Black valve cover
Password:JDM carbon kevlar spark plug cover
B&M short shifter
OEM S2000 clutch master cylinder
-3AN braided clutch line

  |   1993 Honda Civic Si & 1994 Honda Del Sol - Honda Bond

Function & Form Type 1 coilovers
Blox Racing lower control arms
SPW lower tie bar

Wheels And Tires
F: 16x7.5 +36 Enkei J-Speed III
R: 16x8 +28 Enkei J-Speed III
205/40-16 Falken Ziex 512

Audi Nimbus Grey paint
OEM EM1 Civic SI front lip
JDM front bumper
JDM 1-piece headlights
JDM rear garnish w/Optional Mist Light
JDM plate fillers
JDM CR-X del Sol emblem
JDM sidemarkers

Sparco R 325 steering wheel
Sparco steering hub
FEEL's titanium shift knob
OEM front seats re-upholstered in black tweed
Pioneer head unit
Memphis Audio speakers

First and foremost, my best friend Brad Urbas; without his help and paint skills this build would have taken a lot longer. My wife for not leaving me after building two cars back-to-back and spending all of our money (LOL). The Mad Scientist, Seth Toner, for the use of the paint booth and shop. Thanks to N1concepts and RHD Japan for sourcing the rare FEEL's parts for me.

  |   1994 Honda Del Sol VTEC JDM Rear Garnish 09

Owner Specs

Daily Grind

Favorite Site

Screen Name

Building Hondas
Seven years

Dream Car
R33 Nissan Skyline

Inspiration For This Build
I just wanted to mod a del Sol for the longest time.

Future Build
Next build will be a Honda Beat or a Honda Logo

By Joey Lee
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