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The Inaugural RAD Meet

Our favorite Supra / drift shop throws an excuse to have all their friends over on a Sunday morning

Bob Hernandez
Jun 25, 2019

The whole cars and coffee thing is huge in the U.S.—you know, people with sweet rides getting up super early on a Sunday (or sometimes a Saturday) to mill about a parking lot with their whips and other like-minded individuals, shooting the shit and sipping hot drinks. It's to a point now where these informal meets are popping up beyond American shores in places like Japan, Europe, and elsewhere, and they seem pretty easy to stage. Cool cars? Check. Steaming-hot joe? Check. Big, open space? Check. Voila—a cars and coffee is born.

Car builder and pro drifter RAD Dan Burkett and his wife Renee liked the formula enough they decided to stage one at their shop, RAD Industries, in Santa Ana, Calif., but with one major tweak—it wouldn't be a cars and coffee, rather a cars and ... cars meet (also, it thankfully wasn't held at the butt-crack of dawn). The Burketts have been toying with the idea of holding a get together at their place of business for some time, and the first RAD Meet recently (which is the event's working title) was their initial attempt, and a pretty successful one at that! Several dozen builds from the area turned out for the 3.5-hour gig, as well as a steady stream of spectators all morning long.

  |   The Inaugural RAD Meet

As one might reasonably expect, there were a ton of at the RAD Meet, a subset that leaned especially toward the A80 (though there were other generations in the crowd, too) like those of SS alumni Tho Nguyen and Joe Recinos, but that was not the only make and model at the gathering. Customer cars like Brett Stebel's 20B RX-3 and the -powered StreetFighter LA from last year's SEMA Show mixed with a mishmash of J and European street cars, drift machines, and a handful of supercars, too.

  |   The Inaugural RAD Meet

There was a secondary reason for the RAD Meet, and it was to introduce Dan's stand-in competition car for the next Formula D round in Washington. As many who follow the series or Dan might know, he had a significantly hard wreck at the last event in New Jersey, a collision that left his primary JZA80 out of commission. The Mark IV revealed at the RAD Meet is actually Dan's "BabyBlue," a backup Supra he uses for practice; while not quite as potent a machine as his main car, using BabyBlue will give the team the additional time it needs to get the main Mk4 up and running for the final few events of the season.

  |   The Inaugural RAD Meet

Dan and Renee want to hold more of these at the shop, and given how well the first one went we would not be surprised at all if these became a regular thing. Dive into the photo gallery to see what else was at the very first RAD Cars & Coffee Cars Meet.

By Bob Hernandez
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