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GT-R World Cup 2019

R35 heavy hitters go head-to-head in Florida

Feb 4, 2019
Photographer: Chad Burdette

For the third straight year, a group of the nastiest, high-powered R35s have come together in an all-out drag battle to see who pilot's the fastest Nissan GT-R. Florida's Bradenton Motorsports Park played host for the two-day affair that welcomed over 60 competitors, many of which ran personal bests.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Gidi Chamdi R35

Among the competition sat Gidi Chamdi’s lethal GT-R, now teamed up with Extreme Turbo Systems. For the past two events he's managed to lead the pack and take home the massive World Cup championship trophy. Regarding that trophy—there's only one, and the event's organizers agreed that it would stay that way and go up for grabs at each annual affair. That means when Gidi earned it in 2017, he had to haul it back to the track in 2018 and win it all over again. This year, it was the same deal, packing up the trophy along with back-up parts, tools, and assorted track support items, Gidi once again put it on the line as a hungry group of fire-breathing Nissans awaited their shot at the top spot.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Gtr

Mildly modified GT-Rs have incredible potential, especially with the right tires, a well-prepped track, and some knowledge behind the wheel. GT-R World Cup, as you might imagine, brings out the very best touting astronomical power numbers, cutting edge technology, and some serious talent. If you think an "automatic" R35 is as simple as slamming on the gas and holding on, you're sorely mistaken, as the ability to judge, adjust, and continuously adapt, all at breakneck speeds, is just a part of the process.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 R35 Nissan Gtr

GT-R World Cup is based on five classes to keep things simple and relatable. Their Street Class features mild builds running unmodified stock or NISMO turbos and the cap on the 1/8-mile trap speed is 115.99mph - any faster than that at the halfway point and you're out. Seventeen-inch wheels are required but tire options and weight are wide open. Modified Class brings in upgraded turbos and aftermarket manifolds though the turbo itself needs to sit in the factory location and the 1/8-mile trap speed cap is set at 140.99 with no restrictions on wheel or tire choices and you can get the car as skinny as you want.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Vr38 Engine

The Pro Street Class is where things start moving incredibly fast with many in this group running mid-to-high 7-second passes. Turbo placement is open and the only real restriction in that realm is a 68mm compressor wheel inducer and a 151.999mph 1/8-mile cap. That inducer limit moves up to 76mm for the Outlaw Class with no cap, and then if you're looking for an anything-goes type of brawl, the Unlimited Class is your next and final stop. Essentially anything goes in this group so long as you're bringing a true full chassis car and relying on the native VR38 and GR6 trans.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Gtr

The competition throughout the event is intense but being that everyone is obviously a GT-R enthusiast, there's a level of camaraderie that you probably won't find at your local test and tune event. Many of the drivers know one another and the support of one another in person and via social media is never-ending. The vibe is professional yet laid back and friendly. That is, until it's time to stage, and then it's all business but once back in the pits, stories are shared, time slips compared and bonds being formed is the norm. It's the type of event that's destined to grow and has quickly become the measuring stick for the groundbreaking R35 performance community.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Alpha Gt
  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Alpha G

For the third straight year, Gidi Chamdi, hyper-focused on the win, once again took the GT-R World Cup trophy home.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 VR38 Engine
  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Alpha G

His wining pass in the “ETS-G” was a 7.3 at 186mph, but the real story of the day was his lightning fast 6.94 at 196.33!

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 George Dodworth GTR
  |   GT R World Cup 2019 George Dodworth GTR

George Dodworth experienced some ups and downs as he worked his way to a second-place finish and nailed a 7.01 at 207.6 that came moments after a red light. Regardless, he ran incredibly well and that elusive 6-second pass is destined to be his.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Jordan Martin Gtr
  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Jordan Martin

Jordan Martin took the win in Outlaw Class with a 7.11 at 203 and followed it up with a 7.063 at 206.09 in his Alpha 22—yet another competitor knocking on the door of 6-second mark.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Holdaforum R35
  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Holdaforum Gtr

Alexandria Christmas muscled a 7.696 at 180.43 and then improved that time to 7.610 at 185.64.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Brooke Berini GTR
  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Brooke Berini GTR

In the Street Class, Brooke Berini managed a 9.92 at 136 with a stock engine, trans, turbos, and intercooler, then drove it home.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Gtrs

In Pro Street it was the John Shepard/Shep Trans GT-R taking top honors with a 7.7 at 182mph

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Brian Spachman GTR
  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Brian Spachman GTR

This olive green R35 piloted by Brian Spachman had its day thwarted by a red light but not without a solid 7.7 at 182 to take home.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Alpha Intercooler
  |   GT R World Cup 2019 R35 Gtr

Different tires and removal of the door sticker and on the street, you'd never suspect that this R35 can nail an 8.84 at 157, but that's exactly what it did with some help from AMS Performance's Omega12 set up.

  |   GT R World Cup 2019 Carbon Fiber Gtr Doors


GT-R World Cup
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