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Thailand's Honda Day 2018

There's no shortage of Thai Honda enthusiasts

Apr 12, 2018
Photographer: Streetmetal

If you're a regular to our website or our social media channels, you're well aware there's no shortage of Honda builds and overall Honda enthusiasm in Thailand. Drag racing events, circuit days, car shows, and countless meets are a regular occurrence, and recently Honda Day Thailand put together its fifth annual drag race event. This year included a car show thanks to the efforts of Honda Knight Thailand in this first-ever collaboration.

Much like the US, '90s-era Hondas are incredibly popular in Thailand and include the usual suspects like CRXs, Integras and various Civic chassis. That being said, that doesn't mean you won't find more modern examples being built and displayed or raced, like 8th gen. Civics, 4th gen Integras (RSX in the U.S.) and even a few Jazz and Brio builds laced with huge turbos or wild all motor set ups.

Not unlike most regions of the world involved in Honda tuning, Thai engine bays are often stripped of any "extras" in order to obtain a simple, cleaner overall look, and if not boosted, there's a pretty good chance you'll find a set of individual throttle bodies attached to the front or rear of a D, B, or L or K series set up.

Taking place at Bangkok's Drag Avenue, the event brought in over 200 race competitors and kept track officials busy throughout the day and well into the night. Here's a look at what went down at Honda Day Thailand 5:

  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 Fd2 Civic Type R

Later model builds like this FD2 are also popular in Thailand. This one fitted with an ITB set up and plenum (removed in this photo) that's fed through a cowl-mounted air inlet and filter kit.

  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 Lotus
  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 K Swapped Vw Bug

Not technically Hondas but this Lotus and VW Bug combo were both sporting K-series power.

  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 Turbo B Series
  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 B Series

It might be around 30 years old but Honda's trusty B-series remains a staple in the Honda performance realm and remains a driving force in the aftermarket.

  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 D Seriesengine

Saving the single cam in Thailand

  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 Honda Brio
  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 ITB Ivtec

Honda's Brio can be found in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and a few other regions and is powered by a 1.2 or 1.3 iVTEC engine. This version did away with the plastic intake manifold and anemic runners and instead opted for a homemade ITB set up and hood-exit exhaust.

  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 Spoon Crx
  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 B Series Swapped Crx

One of the cleanest cars at the event was this Spoon-themed, resto-mod CR-X.

  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 Dc2 Integra Type R

Regardless of what part of the world you live in, this build style is widely respected and considered all but timeless.

  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 Turbo Civic
  |   Thailand Honda Day 2018 Mugen DC5

The race action carried on into the night as competitors battled for the top spot.

By Rodrez
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