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No Coast Drift Party 2017

Grassroots drifting at its finest

Tim WalshSep 21, 2017

For years, Dan Brockett of Whiskey Garage has been organizing and shaping his ideal drifting event, one that harnesses the best aspects of grassroots drifting in America — an easy-going atmosphere where newcomers and pros alike can get more seat time and party harder than most can handle. Every year dozens of drivers and hundreds of spectators from all over the country converge at Sandia Speedway just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, to take part in Dan's vision that we have come to know as the No Coast Drift Party.

  |   No Coast Drift Party 2017 Corolla

This past Labor Day weekend marked the seventh annual No Coast Drift Party with two days of tire-slaying track time, a top 16 competition, team tandem competition, sickest entry competition, car show, driving games, autocross, live music, and an infamously-epic bonfire. With over 50 drivers champing at the bit, the track went hot bright and early Saturday morning and didn't go cold again until 11 pm. Once the on-track action died down the party began and continued to rage well in to Sunday morning. Over the course of the weekend there was nearly 20 hours of track and skid pad time available to drivers, so the only real limit were the amount of available tires.

  |   No Coast Drift Party 2017 Water Donations

To top off the event-filled weekend a donation pool was set up to help the victims of hurricane Harvey. Will Parsons of southern Texas has been a regular at the No Coast Drift Party for years, so the community loaded him up with bottled water, food, and money to take back to Texas to distribute among those in need.

The No Coast Drift Party is an event that should not be missed. It's all about having fun with friends both old and new. Make a pilgrimage to the desert and join the party that is unlike any other!

  |   No Coast Drift Party 2017 RX7
  |   No Coast Drift Party 2017 Trophy
  |   No Coast Drift Party 2017 240SX
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