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Golden-Era Builds Of The Toyo Tires 2017 Calendar Launch

Some of our favorite chassis converge on Boden Autohaus

Matt “Rodrez” Rodriguez
Feb 3, 2017
Photographers: Bob Hernandez, Jofel Tolosa

Typical Saturday mornings near Boden Autohaus’ shop in Costa Mesa, Calif, are usually pretty quiet. Walk outside and you might catch some of the freeway traffic heading toward the airport, a few joggers trotting along the road, or maybe some residual noise from the construction taking place a few blocks away. However, on February 4th, that all changed in rather dramatic fashion.

The lifeless parking lots surrounding Boden were completely packed, the surrounding streets backed up for over a mile, and even the street’s median strip was populated by attendees parked bumper-to-bumper at the 2017 Toyo Tires x pbskids calendar launch.

Among the hundreds of cars that poured into the business park were a number of late model Nissans, Hondas, Toyotas and even some amazing exotics. However, this gallery is focused on the Golden Era cars. That is, the sweet spot between the 1980s and the early 2000s that produced some incredibly fun, interesting, timeless cars that still to this day are highly regarded and extremely popular for project car builds.

  |   Red Mazda Rx7 Rear
  |   Blue Fd Rx7 Rear

The FD chassis RX-7 was a hit with enthusiasts the moment it rolled off the showroom floor a few decades ago. Today, we still see them floating around, though many are domestic-powered, sporting extreme widebody aero, or both.

  |   Green Skyline Roll In
  |   Green Gtr Front Quarter

We just saw this uniquely colored GT-R at the Rs Day track event in Norcal late last year, and were glad to see it again at the meet.

  |   R Rydes Toyota Corolla
  |   Gold Toyota Corolla Front

If you’re a fan of the original 86 chassis, it doesn’t get much better than these. Coupe or hatch, take your pick.

  |   White Nissan Skyline Front
  |   Skyline Gtr Profile

This GT-R looked so good in person that it’s actually one of the featured vehicles in the new Toyo Tires x SS calendar.

  |   Nissan 240Sx Coupe Front
  |   Julia Duong 240Sx Rear

Julia Duong’s S-chassis, fitted with a number of tough-to-source parts, always looks this good. In fact, the only time it looked better was late last year when it appeared on the cover of SS.

  |   White Toyota Supra Front
  |   Orange Toyota Supra Roll In

From mild to wild, we saw it all on the SoCal stop of the Toyo Tire 2017 calendar launch tour, including this bright orange MkIV that, although most aren't aware, is actually powered by a twin-turbo V-12 swap!

By Matt “Rodrez” Rodriguez
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