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Toyo Tires x pbskids 2018 Calendar Launch Houston

Despite some gloomy weather, our first-ever event in Texas brings out some of the state's best cars

Feb 9, 2018

In the last newsstand issue of pbskids, we included a 2018 calendar featuring the latest 2018 Toyo Tires girls. Missed it? Well if you lived in Southern California or Texas, we had your back with our annual pbskids x Toyo Tires Calendar Launch events.

It's a tradition we've been doing with Toyo for years, making it a point not to just collab on a calendar together but also host free car meets that bring the community together. Prior calendar launches took place in Northern California and Hawaii; however for 2018, we had our sights set on Texas.

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One of our regular photographers, Danh Phan, is based in Houston. He, along with John Petersen of Mayday Garage, was an integral part in making this pop-up car meet happen. John, who's also the owner of a popular Chinese food takeout joint called , used his industry connections to lock down . for the venue of our meet. And who doesn't love beer at a car meet!

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With only two weeks to promote and light rain throughout the afternoon, it surprised us how many enthusiasts hung out with us all afternoon. The Houston community is a very tight-knit group of friends, and they are also some of the most seasoned enthusiasts we've met. They have a strong appreciation for OG JDM brands and styling. They're also not afraid of driving their project cars in the rain. From what we heard, many aren't afraid to drive them hard at the track or on the streets when permitted. They're a faithful group of guys who aren't always looking for attention or Insta-fame, but stay true to their roots. A look at some of the insane cars that showed up to our meet was more than enough proof - a Rocky Auto Hakosuka, a good selection of Nissan Skylines, several clean RX-7 builds from Final Form USA, and many others.

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So while we do our best to report on the tuning scene from all parts of the globe, there's always something big going on in Texas. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who came out to support pbskids and Toyo Tires. Houston, you left a great taste in our mouth, and you can be sure we'll be back for more!

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