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Osaka Auto Messe ’18 – Locals Rule!

Five Mart/Osaka JDM once again make a statement on the grand stage during Osaka Auto Messe

Matt Rodriguez
Feb 16, 2018
Photographer: Sam Du

In every walk of automotive enthusiast life, there are standards and there are outliers. The standards help maintain the very community you’re obsessed with. Whether it’s on the car show circuit, track days, or simple street duty, it’s that day-to-day level that keeps our world spinning. The outliers, however, tend to tip the world on its side with trendsetting decisions that often times aren’t even planned. Of the two, Five Mart/Osaka JDM is certainly of the outlier variety.

For years, the group has gained immense popularity via social media and magazine appearances, known best for their affinity toward golden-era Honda chassis and their ability to incorporate parts and styles from both the U.S. and Japan. Beyond that, they’ve also put together their own line of Osaka JDM parts, apparel, and accessories.

Even if you’re not entirely familiar with the group, you’ve no doubt seen their cars plastered across multiple social media pages and blogs. At this year’s Osaka Auto Messe, they brought a handful of cars that, as expected, proudly represented Hondas of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. And along with the throwbacks, they changed things up completely with a current Honda model.


  |   Five Mart Civic License Plate

Third gen. Civic hatchback builds like this E-AH model seem to be few and far between and are usually overshadowed by their younger brother, the ED/EF chassis. This one is so good that it might help change all of that.

  |   Type R Valve Cover

Under the hood sits a B16A heart from fifth gen. Civic that relies on a mix of JDM and USDM parts to get the job done. While the engine and Osaka JDM intake are sourced locally, they reached out to the states for the Hasport mounts, Rywire engine harness, DC Sports header, and Circuit Hero spark plug cover.

  |   Osaka Jdm Civic Hatch
  |   Work Equip40 Wheel

The only thing that could possibly outshine the sleek front lip and rear wing are the gold/black Work Equip 40s wrapped in Advan rubber that make for an amazing combo.

  |   Bride Bucket Seats
  |   Civic Roll Bar

Stripped, fully painted, and finished with Bride buckets and dimple die floor plates, the interior of this ‘80s hero is as clean and purposeful as the rest of the build.

  |   Mugen Aero Crx
  |   Honda Crx Rear Hatch

You know that a Honda specialist like Osaka JDM will always make some room in the stable for a CR-X. This EF8 wears an authentic version of one of the most counterfeited body kits of all time in Mugen’s Pro II kit. Painted gunmetal with 15in Volk TE37s, the look is unquestionably timeless.

  |   Itb Bseries Crx
  |   Indivdual Throttle Bodies

A B18C swap sporting individual throttle bodies and a Spoon header has replaced the native 1.6L. Once again, the crew incorporated some of the build’s parts from the U.S. including Hasport mounts and Downstar, Inc. hardware.

Inside, the dash has been reworked to allow the roll cage to pass through, and while it was out, it was laced with intricate gray stitching across its forward facing edges that carry on to the door panels. A Defi gauge DIN console and AIM data digital dash display relay vitals, while Mugen sport pedals and an Osaka JDM floor plate help with the footwork.

  |   Five Mart Crx Duo
  |   Blue Crx Rear

This first gen. CR-X looked better than new with fresh paint that maintains the original two-tone look this car was famous for in the mid-‘80s. 15x7 Osaka JDM Loop6 wheels replace the anemic stockers and give an era-correct feel to the restomod.

  |   Bseries Crx Fivemart
  |   Password Jdm Battey Anchor

At the time, a 1.5L SOHC was the largest engine available for this generation, but the crew solved that problem by swapping to a B18C and adding their signature intake. It sounds mild, but at well under 2,000 lbs. it’s more than enough for a good time.

  |   Osaka Jdm Fk8

The cars pictured above represent a significant time not only in Honda’s enthusiast circle but also with Japanese automakers in general. As the ‘80s bled into the ‘90s, all sorts of fun, sporty, user-friendly cars were being introduced and heavily modified. That’s what made this brand new FK8 Type R such a surprise in the Five Mart booth.

  |   Fk8 Typer Rear
  |   Work Wheels L13p

We didn’t spot many mods other than the lowered ride height, Bride seat swap, and wheels, but those wheels – Work L13P to be specific – look incredible on this CTR. Could this be a new endeavor for Five Mart/Osaka JDM? Time will tell, but one thing is for certain: whatever this group does will be studied by a huge enthusiast-based audience that can’t wait to see what they do next.

By Matt Rodriguez
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