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2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show

The Lowrider scene in Japan is one of the finest in the world outside of California

David IshikawaApr 5, 2018

Japan never ceases to amaze us. It's a country that embraces culture from abroad, and for many just imitating a style isn't good enough—they have to live and breathe it. This is how they show respect and how the guys in the lowrider community do it there. From the clothes they rock, the music they listen to, and even down to their tattoos, it all pays homage to a car culture that was born in Southern California 60 years ago. The main series that showcases this culture is the Lowrider Super Show, which hosts two events each year. The first is held in Nagoya at Port Messe Convention Center (same venue as Wekfest Japan), and the second held later in the year at Makuhari Messe (the same venue as Tokyo Auto Salon).

  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Impala
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Impala

Last March in Nagoya, there was plenty to marvel at with the show's exceptional cars, bikes and trucks, plus a very entertaining hopping competition. The competition pitted two cars against each other to see who could jump the highest and the longest for 40 seconds. This did cause some damage, with one car breaking its front suspension arms and others losing various bits and pieces off their cars, but it was all in good fun and for the love of the game.

As expected from any top lowrider show in America, the cars in Japan were equally immaculate with fully chromed suspensions and engines, along with spotless undercarriages. While it's unorthodox to find lowrider coverage in pbskids, seeing such a passionate community of car enthusiasts is again testament to why we love and appreciate Japan so much.

  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Tiffany Blue
  |   Tiffany Blue
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Mans Ruin Girls
  |   Girls from "Man's Ruin" , the girl on the right is Nana—she seems to be the leader and speaks perfect English. I saw her as the model for Dead End magazine but their shoot was in LA.
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Highclass Car Club Monte Carlo
  |   Highclass Car Club—One of our favorite cars was the blue Impala from Highclass that made the trip from Okayama, located about five hours drive west. In addition to the car they entered into the hopping contest, they had two standouts located inside consisting of a beautiful red Impala and blue Monte Carlo. This was no surprise as the car club is a chapter of the original Highclass Car Club located in Los Angeles.
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show 1959 Buick Le Sabre
  |   The Lone Wolf—1959 Buick LeSabre
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Chiemi
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Chiemi
  |   Model Name: Chiemi
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show 54 Chevy 210
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show 54 Chevy 210
  |   1954 Chevrolet Two-Ten "Pharaoh's Sedan" x Pharaoh's Car Club x Cholo's Custom [email protected]—There was one shop that seemed to be credited for many of the high spec builds, Cholo's Custom. Located a short cruise outside of Nagoya, owner Hisashi Ushida always gives us a warm welcome and we had a great time catching up with him and the rest of the various car club members he supports. His personal 1954 Chevrolet Two-Ten known as "Pharoah's Sedan" is one of our favorites and always makes us stop when we see it.
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Lowrider Super Show Girls
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Lowrider Super Show Girls
  |   Official Lowrider Super Show girls and fans
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Mika Tanabe
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Mika Tanabe
  |   Parliament Car Club car - Model (not club member)—Mika Tanabe [email protected]
  |   2018 Nagoya Lowrider Super Show Dukes Car Club
  |   Dukes Car Club
  |   Pervertidos Puerto Rico
  |   Limited Car Club


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