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Import Alliance Spring Meet 2019 Pt. II

More builds from the biggest meet in the East

Apr 3, 2019
Photographer: Sam Du

Having one person sift through acre upon acre of custom builds in various states of tune (over 10,000, in fact) and capture the ones that stood out to him most is a pretty tall order, and one that pbskids's Editor-in-chief, Sam Du, faced recently during his visit to Import Alliance's Spring meet. Nevertheless, between the neverending display of vehicles, vendor booths and non-stop "talk and chat" moments, he was able to gather well over 200 images, the first half of which you can find right here.

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 S14 Engine Bay

A mix of street, show and race vehicles on hand included every make and model, many of which have attended multiple IA events over the years. Ask around and you'll find that many on hand were IA veterans, having made the trek from surrounding states on many occasions, some coming from as far as Canada in order to take part in arguably the largest import-centric event stateside.

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Te37sl

With so many vehicles in attendance, it's not hard to find something you like; whether it be all out performance, purely aesthetic or a healthy fusion of both, there's a good chance you're going to walk way from IA with some inspiration. For part II, we'll take a closer look at some of the vehicles that caught our eye during the 2019 Import Alliance Spring Meet.

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Nissan Skylines
  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Skylines Gtr

When it comes to Skylines the East coast does *clap* not *clap* play *clap*!

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Nissan Skylines
  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 865 Motor Sports Nissan Skyline

Numerous examples of Nissan's iconic flagship could be found throughout the event.

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Eg Civic
  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Supercharged Civic

If you've been a Honda enthusiast for quite some time, then you were probably a regularl on Honda-Tech when forums were the main force behind enthusiast communication. And if you took a step into the Civic EG sub-forum, you knew of Tom Hornsby and his silver, B18C5-powered EH Civic. These days Tom's returned to the Civic world behind the wheel of this supercharged, K-powered hatch on 949 Racing wheels. If you ask him nicely, he might let you take a photo of him leaping over it, just like the old days.

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Lexus Lss
  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Lexuses

VIP style isn't just a Japan and Cali thing, and the well done builds in Atlanta for IA were proof of that.

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Liberty Walk FRS
  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Subaru Brz
  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 86 370Z

Anywhere in the world that you might find a Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S, there's a damn good chance it'll be fitted with some sort of fender flare set up or widebody kit. Wildly popular in just about any region, the sporty RWD coupe has been fully embraced by the aftermarket over the years resulting in multiple forced induction options, suspension choices, and of course aero and body mods.

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Bagriders Fairlady Z
  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Bagriders Datsun

The color, the Work Equips, the vertical twin-tip exhaust...it doesn't get any better than this sexy 240Z.

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Subaru

It's become a rarity to see a Subaru without some sort of fender size increase, whether by add-on or complete replacement. This owner, however, kept things simple with Gram Lights 57DR in black against a unique paint color and we're loving the clean execution.

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 300Zx
  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 BBS LM Wheels

A chassis that doesn't get nearly enough love, the 300ZX seems to be experiencing an uprising with more and more examples starting to pop up at some of the events we've been to - and that's a good thing!

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Civic
  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Civic Engine

Once powered by Honda's do-it-all B16, this EM1 made a huge leap forward in the name of performance with its boosted K-swap. Armed with a Precision snail hanging from a Schmuck Built turbo manifold and forcing air through an Xcessive Manufacturing center-feed manifold, this EJ coupe means business.

  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Rsx
  |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2019 Subaru Brz
By Rodrez
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