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Tuner Evolution Chicago 2018

The Midwest's best shine in show series' second year in the Windy City

Nov 26, 2018
Photographer: Ryan Belville Videographer: Ryan Belville

It's taken us an embarrassingly long time to get out from under the crush of SEMA Show content. This matters to our 2018 Tuner Evo Chicago coverage because it was one of the stories that got pushed aside as we attempted to rush out news and feature cars from the annual Las Vegas trade show. That took us weeks, and as we look at the calendar, we realize TE Chicago was nearly two months ago ... so, yeah, this is for sure old news! Luckily, we got a video out of the deal, too, adding more incentive to skim through our photo gallery and see the richness of the Midwest scene.

For their second straight year visiting the Chicagoland area, organizers relocated the event 14 miles west and north from where it was in 2017, moving into the Schaumburg Convention Center for a unique indoor-outdoor event activation. There was light rain throughout the day, so the outdoor show suffered a bit, but the weather didn't keep people away; it was a great turnout, both in spectator count and the amount of quality modified cars. Curiously, it seemed many were there to see YouTube "celebrity," pro-am drifter TJ Hunt, too, who at one point had a line of fans wrapped around the building to see him.

  |   Tuner Evolution Chicago 2018 300SD

While there was a lot of build diversity, we give a special shout out this event to the sedan clan, those rocking four doors proudly, of which there were many at TE Chicago. Some of our favorites were honestly what you'd expect from us—the VIP Lexus GS on Super Star Leon Hardiritt Orden rollers; Shashank Yarlagadda's Voltex festooned, Wedsport and RBB8R shoed Evo VIII in the Toyo booth; or the duo of buff, clean Altezza (IS 300) posted up—but the biggest tip of the hat goes to the person who brought out the Mercedes-Benz W126. The dumped turbo diesel S-class was beautifully kept, rocking era-correct BBS mesh at all four corners and a bunch of Euro-tinged executive flavor we know nothing about—such a beautiful machine. See what else was hot in our picture album and video from Tuner Evo Chicago 2018.

  |   Tuner Evolution Chicago 2018 CRX
  |   Tuner Evolution Chicago 2018 Pandem BRZ
  |   Tuner Evolution Chicago 2018 Audi BMW
  |   Tuner Evolution Chicago 2018 E30 Odyssey
  |   Tuner Evolution Chicago 2018 Honda S2000
  |   Tuner Evolution Chicago 2018 Schaumburg Convention Center Parking Lot
  |   Tuner Evolution Chicago 2018 LS3 Swapped G35
  |   Tuner Evolution Chicago 2018 370Z Skyline
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