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Rays Tribute Meet 2018

Celebrating our industry's most popular wheel manufacturer

Matt Rodriguez
Nov 14, 2018
Photographers: Rodrez, Bob Hernandez

pbskids has long served as a media partner to Mackin Industries, the group that exclusively imports to America Rays, Yokohama Wheel Design, Project MU, and much more. In the midst of communications this year, the idea of throwing an event for fans of the wildly popular (probably the most popular wheel line of all time) Rays wheel lineup popped up more than once, and eventually the spitball idea sessions morphed into a full-blown event with commitments from both sides after a locked-in date was determined.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Roll In

Logistically, events like these can be tricky, especially being that our group offered to host the event at our Santa Ana, Calif. offices. Just a few hundred feet away from an imaginary border that separates three Orange County cities—Santa Ana, Irvine, and Tustin—there was plenty of red tape to get through in order to run an event legally and efficiently without worrying about being cited or shut down, requirements that included hiring local authorities and procuring various permits. In the end, the event went extremely well, with foot traffic well beyond our expectations, and then of course there were the cars...and trucks.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Frss
  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Re30

You know Rays for its Volk Racing line up that includes the iconic TE37 and CE28, along with other smash hits like the RE30 and ZE40. All of those can be found on some of the best street and show cars and track cars across the globe.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Toyota Trucks
  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Toyota Trucks

In addition, the truck and off-road crowd has embraced Rays wheels, and on this day there were over 20 of them on display in varying degrees of modification, from Tacomas and Tundras to 4Runners and Land Cruisers, even a Ford Raptor.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Ken Gushi Frs

Ken Gushi's GReddy livery-dressed drift machine was on display. This photo was taken during the early morning hours and once the crowds arrived it was all but impossible to grab a shot as people swarmed the 86 for a closer look.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Volk Mesh

In honor of the tribute to Rays wheels, Mackin had some history on display that included this Volk Mesh design from 1975.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Volk Racing 370
  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Volk Group A

And from the '80s, a Volk Racing 370 complete with its disc cover that debuted in 1982 along with a mesh style Volk Racing Group A wheel that showed up in 1986.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Volk Racing Display
  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Volk Wheel Cutaway

Showing more modern designs, these displays highlighted the ZE40 in a slick red/white combo and the TE037 in bronze, as well as a few TE37 spoke cutaways in various finishes.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Rad Dan Supra
  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Rad Dan Supra

Rad Dan's shop isn't terribly far from our offices but behind the wheel of a fire-breathing Supra drift car with a loud hood-exit setup and even louder livery, it's a "pucker-inducing" drive, nonetheless. The Rad one decided to hit the streets of Santa Ana to park his Gram Lights 57C-equipped MKIV just in front of the Mackin booth and in the thick of the massive crowd. Dan is a frequent, surprise visitor to our offices and in fact, has logged more hours in a cubicle than our own web editor, Bob Hernandez.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Fk8 Civics
  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Corolla

The Volk Racing lineup has a knack for looking just as good on modern cars as they do on older chassis.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Gtr Nsx
  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Fd Rx7

If '90s heroes are your thing, the Rays Tribute meet had plenty, like this GT-R and K20-powered NSX track car combo, and this spotless FD RX-7 street car, for example.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Infiniti Q45

Not all of the wheels on hand were of the TE37 variety. Take this Infiniti Q45 for example, dropped all the way to the pavement with Rays Versus V.V.5.2S.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Wheel Vote

Some of the cars in attendance were fitted with two different style Rays wheels, and in this case, the owner was crowd sourcing opinions.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 M3
  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Silver Te37

On one side he installed bronze CE28s, and on the other, Mercury Silver TE37s. The CEs were winning by midday.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Pandem Rx7
  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 Pandem Rx7

Pandem put their spin on the FC chassis RX-7 and this red example you may have seen from SEMA coverage was parked inside our tech center garage, and yes, it sports rotary power rather than an LS swap.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 K20 Swapped Porsche
  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 K20 Swapped Porsche

Scott G's 911 was also in the tech center in all of its controversial Honda K20-powered glory. Since his feature last year the engine's been fitted with a new intake manifold and fuel setup, modified exhaust manifold that no longer has the turbo up top, and perhaps most notable is the positioning of the engine, which used to sit straight up, now sits at a slight angle toward to the driver's side.

  |   Rays Tribute Meet 2018 4Runner Tacoma
By Matt Rodriguez
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