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European Invasion at StanceNation SoCal 2017

Euro fix achieved at the Anaheim Convention Center super show

Joe Raiti
Sep 28, 2017
Photographers: Bob Hernandez, Jonah Licata

Is it possible to perfect upon perfection? When does passion override our logic and allow our minds to create something fresh and never before seen? Builds today are rolling proof of what's possible when dreams are infused with determination. It was once believed that cars from manufacturers like BMW and Porsche were simply perfect, but today, there are individuals willing to take on the challenge to push perfection a few steps further. Whether you believe in heavily modifying these cars or not, you have to respect the time and dedication involved, not to mention the dollars.

There was once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away where only Japanese imports had all the fun in the form of wild, ultra-wide body kits, bagged suspensions and wheels so large in diameter you can bake a pizza on them. This year's StanceNation Anaheim event proved that the Euro guys are fully invested in this niche community. Nestled inside the Convention Center was a collection of some mind-blowing European-based creations. No matter what brand you crave, from exotics, Porsches and Audis to the unmistakable lines of VW and BMW, there was something for everyone on this day.

Here are some of the hottest Euros on display from StanceNation Anaheim 2017:

  |   Euros At Stancenation Socal 2017 Ferrari 458
  |   Euros At Stancenation Socal 2017 Ferrari 458

There wasn't just one, but two Ferraris that would have made the boys back in Maranello at the Ferrari factory scratch their heads. This pearl white 458 wears a Liberty Walk wide-body kit and includes an adjustable carbon fiber front splitter and rear wing to give it a race-ready look.

  |   Euros At Stancenation Socal 2017 Porsche 997 C2S
  |   Euros At Stancenation Socal 2017 Porsche 997

Dr. Ferdinand Porsche might take a few minutes to wrap his head around this insane 911-slant nose creation by IDL Design. This build features a full color-matched roll cage and sequential shift race transmission. You can almost hear this 911's flat-six engine screaming down the Mulsanne straight at the famed 24 hours of Le Mans.

  |   Euros At Stancenation Socal 2017 Infinitewerks R8

Infinitewerks was on hand in Anaheim with their white Audi R8 featuring their handy work in the custom wheel market. This German hottie is wearing a set of Infinitewerks custom SR1 3-piece forged aluminum wheels in cherry red chrome. With just the right amount of fender flare and drop there is no way to pass by this R8 without a second look.

  |   Euros At Stancenation Socal 2017 BMW M3

If you like carbon fiber goodness, this Mountain Dew inspired BMW F80 M3 would quench your thirst. It features some beautiful aerodynamic aides from the splitter, canards and hood vents, all the way to the huge rear wing.

  |   Euros At Stancenation Socal 2017 Rotiform TMB Wheels

For many people in the VW community, the Golf's clean lines are its biggest draw. This version in particular holds true to the definition of a stanced car - simple in design but with some lovely little complexities. One of the highlights is its high shine, machined finish Rotiform aluminum wheels. To top it off, this Golf's roof has a high gloss black wrap.

  |   Euros At Stancenation Socal 2017 E30 E46
  |   Euros At Stancenation Socal 2017 Golf
By Joe Raiti
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