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Cali Accord Meet 2016

Year five of event brings biggest field yet, with displays from all nine generations of Honda’s midsize staple

Jul 7, 2016
Odyssey Accord

There’s something uniquely cool about going to an event like Cali Accord Meet (CAM) and seeing examples of every generation – all nine of them – of Honda’s midsize workhorse on display in one place. Say what you will about using the Accord – generally viewed as a grocery-getter, a mom-mobile – as a tuning platform; when committed folk come together from all parts of the U.S. to show off their cars and/or pay respects to the model, making up the biggest meet of its kind without the help or official blessing from Honda, you know you’re experiencing something special.

  • Work Euroline DH rims
  • V6 swaps
  • F series green valve cover
CAM from Angels Gate Park Photo 5/127   |   CAM From Angels Gate Park
  • 3rd gen
  • 5AD S5 wheels
  • 4th gen front three quarter

We called out some of the finer Accord wagons and Odyssey minivans in a previous article from the show, and this photo gallery covers essentially the best of the rest. The biggest numbers seemed to be from the fourth, fifth and sixth gens of the car, with smatterings of the really old and really new. By and large the extent of many mods were just suspension and wheels, but the more serious modifiers swapped in H-series mills or even Honda V6 power. While we circulated the show, we ran into Honda community friendly faces like Big Mike and Daniel Hill from Werd Werx, who had on exhibit his CB7 EX that we featured previously.

  • 4th gen headlights Hoodrat Stuff sticker
  • 2nd gen engine bay
  • 5th gen coupe head on
7th gen purple head on Photo 12/127   |   7Th Gen Purple Head On
  • CB7 EX Coupe front three quarter
  • F23A1 turbo
  • Row of 8th and 9th gen

In all, organizers claim over 200 vehicles were on display in the parking lot across the street from Point Fermin Park in San Pedro, Calif., and the weather was perfect for the brief Saturday get together. Enjoy the photos, and for more from the day check out our Facebook Live video walk-through of CAM 2016.

1st gen hatchback sedan Photo 16/127   |   1St Gen Hatchback Sedan
  • Work Emotion wheels
  • H23A
  • TSX K24 Ingalls engine damper
  • F series
  • 9th gen sedan white
  • Supercharger detail
  • Custom Werd Werx RSX seats
  • 9th gen coupe
  • Roll in
  • CD5 front three quarter
  • 8th gen roll in
  • Panasport style wheels
  • CB7 head on hood up
  • 7th gen sedan hood up
  • K24
  • CAM Style Hurts tee
  • 7th gen coupe front three quarter
  • JDM front 8th gen Civic
  • 5th gen on Blitz Type 01 wheels
  • 4th gen Greddy front lip
  • 6th gen white
  • 5th gen front three quarter
  • 4th gen coupe hood up
  • 6th gen sedan
  • 5th gen coupe with over fenders profile
  • 4th gen
  • 6th gen coupe turbo
  • 5th gen carbon hood Work Emotion wheels
  • 3rd gen head on
  • 6th gen
  • 4th gen with over fenders
  • 2nd gen profile
  • 5th gen supercharged V6 swap
  • 4th gen sedan hood up
  • 5th gen sedan
  • 4th gen sedan carbon fiber hood
Volk TE37 Photo 53/127   |   Volk TE37
  • 7th gen coupe carbon hood
  • 5th gen coupe with over fenders
  • 1st gen
  • 8th gen coupe
  • 5th gen K swap
  • 3rd gen sedan
  • 9th and 7th gen
  • 5th gen smoked amber corners
  • 4th gen coupe front three quarter
  • 9th gen sedan
  • 6th gen coupe
  • 4th gen in a row
  • Blown V6 swap
  • 6th gen on Work Euroline wheels
  • 4th gen sedan no hood
  • BBS mesh
  • CAM merch
  • Racing Hart wheels
  • 6th gen wrapped
  • 5th and 9th gen
  • CD5
  • V6
  • Sprint Hart Formula CP R wheels
  • K swap
  • Headlight detail 9th gen
  • Gram Lights 57C
  • DJ
  • 3rd gen coupe
  • 3rd gen sedan front three quarter
  • 4th gen coupe on Enkei RPF1 rims
  • 4th gen sedan
  • 4th gen wagon
  • 5th gen clear corners
  • 5th gen front supercharged
  • 5th gen rear three quarter
  • 5th gen Work Vs XX
CAM t shirt Photo 90/127   |   CAM T Shirt
  • TSX 5th gen
  • TSX
  • Sprint Hart Formula CP R wheel Falken Azenis tire
  • Recaro seats
  • Mugen steering wheel
  • Mugen GP wheels
  • JDM rear 8th gen Civic
  • H series
  • F series blue valve cover
  • CD7
  • CD5 front three quarter no hood
  • CD5 engine bay
  • CB7 EX Coupe
  • Bride seats
  • 9th gen
  • 9th gen Royal Accords
  • 9th gen rear three quarter
  • 8th gen sedan
  • 8th gen head on
  • 7th gen sedan carbon hood
  • 7th gen sedan
  • 7th gen 5AD wheels
  • 7th gen
  • 6th gen sedan white
  • 6th gen sedan front three quarter
  • 6th gen head on hood up
  • 6th gen coupe front three quarter
  • 5th gen
  • 5th gen sedan fender mirrors
  • 5th gen front three quarter supercharged
  • 5th gen coupe
  • 4th gen
  • 4th gen sedan fender mirrors mesh wheels roof rack
  • 4th gen coupe
  • 4th gen coupe and sedan
  • 3rd gen hatchback
Bra Photo 127/127   |   Bra



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