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10 Best Events in 2017 - According To You

The people have spoken! Here are your favorite event stories from this year

Jan 3, 2018
Photographer: pbskids Archives
  |   10 Best Events In 2017 Sema Off The Beaten Path

SEMA 2017 Off The Beaten Path - #SEMA17
In this article we wanted to give love to the car builds that weren't in the typical hot spots of the Las Vegas Convention Center. This included the midways of the main halls, the Performance Pavillion, and outside areas such as the Blue Lot.

  |   10 Best Events In 2017 Sema Preview

2017 SEMA Show Preview - #SEMA17
For many, the SEMA Show is the Super Bowl of car shows, and since it's not open to the public we like to give a little preview of whatever catches our eyes. As you would expect, the Honda Civic Type R dominated the show floors.

  |   10 Best Events In 2017 Bangkok Auto Salon Part 1

Bangkok Auto Salon '17
Thailand car culture is booming like Bitcoin. It's so good that you'll even find cars from Top Secret and RE Amemiya. I think it's time we head there ourselves. Fresh Thailand meet, anybody?

  |   10 Best Events In 2017 Souped Up Thailand

Souped Up Thailand Records Qualifying 2017 - Hardcore Drag Racing in Thailand
It's been awhile since we've covered an event where power is the name of the game. This is more proof Thailand might be the next hot car culture spot.

  |   10 Best Events In 2017 Type R Expo

The 16th Annual Type R Expo at Virginia International Raceway
One of the biggest gatherings of hardcore Integra Type R owners, the Expo goes down at the Virginia International Raceway. It's a weekend-long event that also welcomed non-ITR but equally cool Hondas.

  |   10 Best Events In 2017 Osaka Auto Messe

Osaka Auto Messe 2017 Part 1
The Osaka Auto Messe is considered athe little bro of Tokyo Auto Salon. Similar to TAS, it's a three-day event but happens in Japan's third largest city, Osaka. For a better picture on Japan's "mom and pop" tuner shops, this show is the place to be.

  |   10 Best Events In 2017 Sema Wheel Tire Hall

2017 SEMA Wheel & Tire Hall Highlights - #SEMA17
One of the most important halls to go to every SEMA is the South Hall, or what SEMA calls the "Wheel and Tire Hall." There we found everything from old-school JDM R30 Skylines to Liberty Walk's newest Acura NSX. It never disappoints.

  |   10 Best Events In 2017 Datsuns Of Sema

Datsuns of SEMA 2017 - #SEMA17
If its old-school Datsuns that make your heart beat, this year's SEMA had some of the greatest Datsun builds we've ever seen. Some of the usual suspect builders include Chris Forsberg, Dominic Le, and even PJ Bonifacio.

  |   10 Best Events In 2017 Bangkok Auto Salon Part 2

Bangkok Auto Salon 2017 Part 2
The Thailand show was so good that we had to split it in two different parts. In addition to the action inside, Work Wheels organized a meet outside the Auto Salon that brought out a lot of really dope cars, including a modded in-service taxi.

  |   10 Best Events In 2017 Toyo Tires Calendar Launch Socal

Toyo Tires x pbskids 2017 Calendar Launch SoCal
We like to start off the year with our annual Toyo Tires calendar launch. This year was even bigger than last's. Just to make sure we have enough room for '18 we secured the Honda Center's parking lot in Anaheim, Calif. We hope to see you there!!!

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