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The Honda Booth of SEMA '17 - #SEMA17

Honda heads back to SEMA; same ol' location, brand new vehicles

Nov 2, 2017

Through the main entrance to the Las Vegas Convention Center's Central Hall, down the ramp, stay close to the wall, and just keep walking until you hit the very end of the show. Forever etched in my memory, it's a 10-minute trek, and one that I've taken many, many times in order to make my way to the Honda booth at the annual SEMA show. And when I say booth, I'm not referring to that 10 foot by 10 foot EZ-Up collecting dust in the corner of your garage, but rather a massive sector that takes up a large corner of the auditorium and houses over a dozen cars, various display cases, and a few walls dedicated to showcasing Honda's latest OEM optional equipment.

This year, Honda didn't have a group of tuners building custom versions of their off-the-shelf models like they've done in the past with the CR-Z, Fit, and various Civic generations. Instead, they packed the booth with a solid mix of vehicles ranging from the newly debuted ScienceofSpeed NSX to an off-road, purpose-built Ridgeline, and even a few motorcycles to boot. As always, we spent some time touring the Honda booth and here's what we found.

  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Type R Grill
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Red Carbon Side Mirrors
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Type R Rear Wing

Not surprising, Honda brought the Type R to display and this model was sporting their new red carbon-fiber mirror covers and rear wing, both of which should be available from dealerships this month.

  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Civic Type R
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth CTR
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Civic Type R

In addition, you probably noticed the white wheels, which are actually 20-inch Modulo forged alloy in champ white - a nod to the white-on-white ITR combo that every Honda enthusiast is a fan of. The wheels, along with the front grill accent trim in red, are both SEMA exclusives brought over from Japan and would take some effort to secure if they happened to pique your interest.

  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth NSX GT3
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth NSX GT3
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth GT3 NSX
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth NSX GT3

The NSX GT3 is every bit as cool in person as it sounds. It's one thing to talk about a complete carbon-bodied, new gen. NSX, but it's a completely different thing to see it sitting right in front of you. It was worth the long walk a second time just to gawk at it again.

  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Honda Research West CTR
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Honda Research West Civic Type R

Team Honda Research West is responsible for this Type R that contains no power upgrades and, in fact, the team will leave its turbocharged heart completely stock even when they compete against highly modified teams at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill in December in an effort to show just how potent Honda's golden child hatchback really is.

  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Type R Crate Engine
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Type R Crate Motor Swapped Si

Just prior to SEMA week, HPD officially announced a Civic Type R crate engine program for race teams that meet their guidelines. The price? Cheaper than you might think, at just over $6,500. This bright green Si coupe is powered by the new offering and even sports a Hybrid Racing cold-air intake.

  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Widebody Ridgeline

Not what you typically envision when someone says "custom widebody Honda"

  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth SOS NSX
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth SOS NSX

If you're one of the very few who hasn't heard about ScienceofSpeed's new NSX Dream Project, here's a little info. And for the record, it lives up to the hype in the appearance department - drop-dead gorgeous and a true standout, not only in the Honda booth but also at the entire show.

  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth TLX
  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth Acura TLX

This A-Spec TLX is all about the uphill battle, intended to wage war on Pikes Peak using a twin-turbo J35 V6. A large chassis-mounted rear wing backs the aggressive front splitter, while blue HRE wheels wrapped in Hoosier rubber hide a StopTech brake package.

  |   SEMA 2017 Honda Booth 4 Stroke Concept Shifter Kart

This little 4-stroke concept shifter kart had plenty of passersby cracking a smile.

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