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2017 SEMA Wheel & Tire Hall Highlights - #SEMA17

Millions of bucks worth of exotics, but all we're interested in are old Japanese cars

Oct 31, 2017

We did a quick lap of the Las Vegas Convention Center's South Hall - the so-called "Wheel and Tire Hall" - on Monday, and since the SEMA Show became official this morning (and it didn't seem like there were a many cars there during our first orbit this week) we went back Tuesday morning, only to find our initial suspicions were true - there aren't a whole lot of display cars in the South Hall this year(?!) Don't panic - they're likely hiding in other parts of the massive trade show, and we'll find them eventually (heck, it seemed like a dozen hot imports and Euros alone were tucked away in Toyo Tires' Treadpass walkway between the South and Central auditoriums - we'll have separate coverage of that this week). But in general, it was sorta slim pickings.

  |   2017 SEMA Wheel Tire Hall Highlights Pirellii

Of course what was in the Wheel and Tire Hall was pretty impressive. If you came in through the front entrance, you were greeted by the Pirelli booth, complete with a front line of exotics - a McLaren 720S, Pagani Huayra, and Lamborghini Huracan - combined worth around a cool two million bucks. Indeed, supercars/hypercars always seem to flex in numbers in the South Hall, but this year in particular we were a bit surprised to find three LaFerrari - a car that starts at around a $1.4-million base price - after a lifetime of seeing hardly any at the show. We even found a new NSX with a Liberty Walk widebody kit, the first we've seen of that.

For our buck, though, we're suckers for that old-school JDM, and no two examples were finer than the C10 and R30 Skylines chilling in the Klutch Wheels and Enkei Wheel booths, respectively. Our love for the Hakosuka knows no bounds, but the RS-Turbo has been brought to our attention relatively recently. We're told the R30 Skyline remains a cult car both at home and overseas, and is credited with rejuvenating the Skyline brand in the early '80s. We understand it also paved the way for the eventual reintroduction of the GT-R trim, absent since the end of C110 Skyline production in 1973.

Enjoy our photo gallery from the Wheel and Tire Hall. We have lots more for your eyes to consume from the 2017 SEMA Show in the hours and days ahead.

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