SEMA Leftovers - 10 Favorite Race Cars #MTSEMA18

We love race cars. Well ... we love all clean cars, but there's a special place in our hearts for race cars.
Luke MunnellNov 12, 2018
SEMA Leftovers - 10 Favorite Race Cars #MTSEMA18


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Toyota leads its official presence at the SEMA 2018 with their plans for one of the automotive world's most hallowed reboots
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AutoFashion's VIP Fest XII
Over the years VIP Fest, has progressed steadily, and although it has already changed locations to allow for more cars, it's simply not enough space to accommodate the masses
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SEMA Leftovers - The Hot Wheels Booth #MTSEMA18
Whenever anyone says "life-sized Hot Wheels," this type of literal translation is the first thing that usually pops into our heads.
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HKS Booth SEMA 2018 #MTSEMA18
Not long ago, HKS announced its official return to the U.S. market after having shuttered stateside operations back in 2011. HKS's return seems to have hit its stride as the 2018 SEMA show saw an HKS booth added to its roster.
RodrezNov 5, 2018
The Drift Cars of 2018 SEMA #MTSEMA18
Drifters and cars do their part in representing the world's youngest pro motorsport to the masses of mainstream automotive enthusiasm at the annual SEMA Show
Luke MunnellNov 5, 2018
APR at SEMA 2018 #MTSEMA18
You're used to seeing widebody cars with even wider wheels, fancy splitters, and add-ons that appear to be afterthoughts at SEMA, but in APR's booth it's all well thought out and certainly serves a purpose.
RodrezNov 2, 2018
Mackin Ind. Booth SEMA 2018 #MTSEMA18
Year after year, Mackin Industries has managed to bring the wheels and the cars that have everyone talking—and 2018 was no different.
RodrezNov 2, 2018
CSF Radiators Booth at SEMA '18 #MTSEMA18
For 2018, CSF brought to SEMA a pair of cars that really couldn't be any more different, but that both draw their own sort of crowd for different reasons.
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SEMA 2018 - Off The Beaten Path #MTSEMA18
SEMA is massive, filling all of the Las Vegas Convention Center's three huge halls as well the million square feet of parking lots surrounding the LVCC
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A look inside Honda's stronghold at the specialty equipment mega-event
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H&R's 2018 SEMA Booth #MTSEMA18
Variety in even the smallest crevices of SEMA is a welcome sight and H&R certainly delivered with something for everyone
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Toyo Treadpass - 2018 SEMA #MTSEMA18
Paying a visit to that strip of car enthusiast nirvana in between the Las Vegas Convention Center's Central and South Halls
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Adam LZ's 915HP 2JZ S15 Breaks Cover #MTSEMA18
Your eyes do not deceive you – that’s a Toyota 2JZ-GTE in this Nissan S15 Silvia’s engine bay
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2018 SEMA Wheel & Tire Hall Preview #MTSEMA18
It's the day before the SEMA. Refuse is everywhere. Stay alert lest a forklift or golf cart takes you out. These are just some of the perils we face to bring you this preview from SEMA 2018.
Bob HernandezOct 30, 2018
2018 SEMA Sneak Peek #MTSEMA18
The SEMA Show is back, and so are we – four days of picking our jaw up off the floor from a multitude of bonkers builds in the Las Vegas Convention Center, and four nights (or so) of debauchery and tomfoolery of one kind or another.
Bob HernandezOct 30, 2018
SpoCom Hawaii 2018
Despite a hurricane coming in and creating problems for the SpoCom team, SpoCom Hawaii stood strong, and you can bet it'll be around for many more years to come.
Sam DuOct 29, 2018
R's Day x Nissan Challenge 2018
Skyline owners get together to share their passion for all things "R."
RodrezOct 23, 2018
Super D Cup 2018 - Midwest Trial
Super D lives up to the hype. The cleanly executed builds, the technical driving, the guest drivers and international exchange—the "JDM-ness" of it all—we get it, it's cool.
Bob HernandezOct 23, 2018
goldRush Rally 2018 - 10 Cities, 10 Days, 3,845 Miles
10 days across 10 cities with 100 cars all with horsepower outputs ranging from 400 to 1,000hp.
Sam DuOct 19, 2018